Healthy environment and interior design in the digital age




Where to start planning of your home?

First you need to think about:

How long are you going to live in this place?

Is this a rental apartement or your own apartment/house?

How big is your family, is it going to grow?

Are children of the same gender or do they need different rooms?

The more precisely you think about your family`s exact needs, the better.

How to create a healthy home that does not cause health problems to its residents, on the next page.

In addition to good light, low noise, fresh air, non-harmful materials, our work results are affected also by electromagnetic fields. Until now, researchers have investigated mainly the immediate effects of strong electromagnetic fields, but it is actually believed that the consequences will show up as for smoking, only over the years.

Office workers often sit behind two monitors nowadays, in some places even more. But who thinks of the rescue workers themselves, who are facing four or more monitors daily?

Children and the elderly are the most vulnerable to electromagnetic radiation. In many countries, such as Israel, children are allowed to buy the first mobile only at the age of 16 and in some countries, such as France, WIFI in kindergartens and smart devices in schools are prohibited. Such decisions have been made because of scientific reasons for protecting children's health.

What is a good learning environment at school and how to use modern technology so that it does not harm children's health.

5G antennas on the roof of the IT Colleg
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